• Ashton Reid

The Name Game

Ever see a business name and wonder why? or how did they even come up with that?

After becoming a business owner myself, I have became more intrigued by the story behind names so here is mine..

We all experience things in life that allow us to connect with people in different ways. God puts us on this journey, each with our own very unique journey and unique purpose. We all have a purpose.

Purpose. I like that word.

2015, I moved back home. I had spent two years in Missouri for college and moved back for a lot of different reasons. Reasons that I felt like I had no control of at the time but knew deep down the move home is what I needed.

For any of you who have moved away from home, and then back know what I mean when I say it was such a hard transition. You go from high school to college seeking freedom and space and to find the "you" and get used to that. Then you go from college and back to home, and you have to learn how to live with others again.. it's hard and at that time in my life I wanted nothing more than to be by myself and isolate. I'd like to say I did a lot of soul searching during this time... but to be honest I'd probably describe it now as a lot of running. A lot of running from the past, from hurt, from responsibility, from making big decisions, even from myself. I'm still not completely sure what it was that made me finally wake up to reality and start to rebuild myself but I can only truly thank God, thank my parents, my closest friends and thank my wonderful boyfriend who have all helped pick me up place a piece back in this puzzle.

It was amidst the "running" phase that I began searching. Searching for meaning. Meaning in life, direction of the next step, happiness, maybe even answers? That is when I started to pick up my camera. Many photographers say they've always loved photography. I have, but to be frank it was never a drive of mine to make money from it, or make a career out of it. I just loved being in control of the moment. Being able to piece together this beautiful scene- whether it was the pose, or the background- I liked being able to capture it all together. So one day I walked into Target to purchase a camera knowing nothing about the mechanics of it and walked out with big hopes and dreams to create. And that's how my business began. A spur of the moment purchase and a drive to learn and continue to improve. One session for fun led to interest from their family, then their friends and so on. Since then I have upgraded my equipment, added some amazing and loyal clientele and met so many amazing people.

I remember after my second or third session wanting to make a business page on Facebook so I sat down and roped my mom into helping me brainstorm a business name... because no one can have a business without a killer name right?!

Let's be honest, my journey hasn't been easy. There has been times when giving up sure did sound like a better option, but knowing Christ my Savior, I knew there was something more to be had. Having a supportive family (Thanks Ma, Thanks Dad) I knew that wasn't a real solution. Also, the more time I began focusing on God, and improving my passion, as well as focusing on my heart and myself, I began to feel a little weight lift. I began to feel like maybe I can use this journey for good. THAT. MY. FRIEND. IS. HOW. SavorTheJourney Photography got it's name. It's a daily reminder that every good, every bad and every mundane moment is just another mile marker on your journey that will help you tell your story. So savor it. Savor every moment of your journey.

**Just a few images taken for my own enjoyment.**