Kansas Photographer | Servicing all of the Midwest

Hi, I am Ashton Tarwater.

...but just about everyone calls me Ash. Kansas is home for me. I am a quirky and sarcastic small towner with the heart to create. Its a rare occasion to find me without a big cup of coffee in my hand (always black) morning or night. I am married to the most handsome man and we have two sons who keep us on our toes and laughing endlessly. They are truly my "why".

Here are seven random facts about me.

1. I have a knack for sparking up conversation with complete strangers.

2. I am always up for an adventure, especially if it includes a hike. 

3. If my husband and I were to move anywhere it would either be South Dakota or Utah. 

4. I CAN in fact be bribed with a Dr. Pepper.

5. You never know what color hair I will have. It's been brunette, red and blonde in the last three years.

6. My "lucky number" is 13.

7. I have an obsession with boxers...the dog, not the men's underwear.

But most importantly, I am here to capture you. You and the real, the raw, and the emotional realities that will tell stories for the rest of your life. 

This is the day that the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalm 118:24 (ESV)